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An illuminating view

An illuminating view

Chelsea Lighting Design recently spent a day with the Spanish lighting company Vibia at their base in Barcelona.

As suppliers of their products, it was a valuable insight into the professional organisation of this fast developing company and into the complex logistics involved in designing, testing, preparing and assembling components to produce even the most simple light fitting. Tens of thousands of individual components are held in a huge storage facility, from tiny washers to large complex moulded diffusers and bodies.

Many of the component suppliers are small local businesses and in many cases they have had to re-address the way in which they traditionally produced and packaged their goods, to meet the rigorous demands of Vibia, resulting in a greatly reduced rate of rejection.

Our visit also included time spent with the design team and a privileged view of the research and development laboratory where new ideas and prototype products are tested and evaluated aesthetically.

It was important for us to see, first-hand, the process that is set in motion from the time we place an order and understand the complexity involved in progressing the order through all stages to completion and final shipping to us in Chelsea.

As a result, Chelsea Lighting Design is able to pass on the benefit of this experience to our customers and specifiers in relation to Vibia in particular but also in a more general way in relation to all our suppliers.

For information on Vibia see our 'Products' section or click the link to the VIBIA website on our 'Links' page

NEW !    Customised NOTTE

NEW ! Customised NOTTE

The classic NOTTE pendant lamp by Prandina is now available in customised versions.

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As part of the EU phase-out of inefficient lamps it became illegal to manufacture or import 60W GLS lamps from midnight on 31st August.

100W and 75W versions have already been phased out together with any opalised or satinised types and the 60W lamp is the latest addition to this ongoing process.

Consumers may still purchase the lamps while stocks last but the total disappearance of the 100 year old technology is inevitable.

Alternatives include energy saving halogen versions or energy efficient CFL [fluorescent] or LED types.

Browse our products section for information on new lamp types.

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