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OCCHIO comes to Chelsea

OCCHIO comes to Chelsea


Chelsea Lighting Design is proud to announce that it has become London  Partner+  for the award winning German lighting company OCCHIO read the full story

Earth Hour 2011

Once again residents and businesses were urged to join and pledge their support for EARTH HOUR 2011. read the full story

Bright Futures

Bright Futures

Chelsea Lighting Design has created a blog page to showcase new and innovative designers and their ideas. Many young designers emerge from college or university on a high, with energy, ideas and expectations, only to confront the challenge of commercial reality. We believe that it is important to help to sustain this energy and freedom of expression. 

We are attempting in this page to bring their talents to a wider and more diverse market in the hope of creating the opportunity for worthwhile connections.

The page is still under development and the facility to add images is limited currently but we are aiming, in the near future, to include links to designers and feature examples of their work.

Although our main interest is lighting, a visit to the various websites will give an insight into the diversity of their talent, products and means of expression through a wide range of materials and applications. read the full story

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