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Landscape lighting, Uganda

17th March '16

Landscape lighting, Uganda

Chelsea Lighting Design is currently engaged on a landscape lighting project on a large private estate straddling the equator in the hills to the east of Kampala. The countryside is lush and green with distinctive red soil and the views to the surrounding countryside are spectacular.

The estate is at the centre of a sugar plantation that is one of the leading producers of sugar and provides a source of income for a local community of some 7,300 people together with housing, schools and its own hospital.

The electricity to run the township and the estate is largely generated using waste product from the sugar refining process to fuel huge turbine generators.

The project comprises landscape and amenity lighting proposals for the formal and informal gardens surrounding the various private residences, a swimming pool terrace and a new pavilion surrounded by lotus ponds.

The location is particularly interesting because of its association with the former Ugandan President Idi Amin [1925-2003] who spent his early years as a child living on the estate. For this reason it was featured in the film  'The Last King of Scotland', 2006, with much of the filming on location taking place in the grounds. For this reason also, the estate remained moreorless intact after the expulsion of the distinguished owners in 1972 until their return after the fall of the regime in 1979.

Chelsea Lighting Design is privileged to be working on this project in association with the talented Sri Lankan architect Channa Daswatte, the principal assistant to the prolific and highly influential exponent of many important architectural and landscape projects in Sri Lanka, the late Geoffrey Bawa [1919-2003].






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