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Gustoso Mumbai

25th January '17

Gustoso Mumbai

Completed in 2015, this Pizza Restaurant was the second to open in Mumbai. The scheme for the first restaurant in Khar, a suburb of Mumbai, was based on a traditional pizzeria with tiled floors hand painted murals and copper pans on the wall. It aimed at creating a cosy, traditional and familiar ambience.  

The subsequent location is at Kemps Corner, a neighbourhood of South Mumbai and a well known site, with upmarket residences and high-end shops, situated on a busy intersection at the foot of Malabar Hill. The new location invited an opportunity to explore a slightly different design approach aimed at wider, possibly more eclectic mix of clientele. At the same time the owner required the proposals to retain references to the 'cosy', copper adorned, interior of the original establishment and to focus on the main feature of the restaurant, the wood fired pizza oven.

The site was a complex of spaces and included an external courtyard to the rear. Each space has it's own identity and the lighting plays a significant part. The design approach was to attempt to create a more sophisticated ambience and to achieve this we used architectural lighting to establish the background interest and define areas of activity such as the pizza preparation area and polished concrete bar that are important and fundamental features of the interior. The traditional wall mural was replaced by a large modern interpretation by a british artist Simon Hague, whose company 'Scenic Art' specialises in work for Film Television and Theatre. Against this background we introduced the decorative element of the copper material in lighting fixtures to suggest a warm and familiar essence.

The lighting is controlled by a RAKO control system and settings are programmed to vary with the time of day. With the exception of the special heat lamps over the servery that are specifically designed to keep the food warm, all lighting is low energy and mainly LED. It is an interesting observation to note that the heat lamps consumed more energy than the lighting in the whole of the remaining restaurant.

Since opening, the restaurant has enjoyed success and we hope that this is in part down the contribution made by the lighting.

In January 2017 the Kemps Corner project was awarded best project in the Entertainment and Leisure category for the west zone at the annual IIID Anchor Awards for interior design. These are the oldest and most reputed awards for interior design in India.

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