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What is Part P ?

In January 2005, the Government introduced new rules under the Building Regulations, to cover electrical safety for work carried out by people in the home.

The aims were to reduce the number of deaths and injuries resulting from faulty electrical installations and to make it more difficult for unqualified or "cowboy" installers to leave electrical installations in an unsafe condition.

In order to meet the new rules the person carrying out the work must either inform the local authority Building Control Department before starting the work or employ an installer who is registered with a "competent person scheme". Most qualified electricians will be members of the scheme.   

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You do not need to inform the Building Control Department if you are carrying out,

  • Repairs, replacements and maintenance work
  • Installation of extra power points or lighting points or other alterations to existing circuits [except in a kitchen or bathroom or outdoors]

You need to tell them about most other work.

If in doubt contact your local authority Building Control Department.

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