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What are Compact Fluorescent lamps ?

Compact Fluorescent Lamps  [CFLs]  are also known as energy saving lamps and were introduced in the early 1980s.

They are variations of the commonly known fluorescent tube that have been formed into compact shapes and sizes by bending and twisting the tube to reduce the bulk and to make them in some cases similar in size to the ordinary tungsten filament lamp.

Fluorescent lamps require control gear to operate and many of the new compact fluorescent lamps have this built into the base of the lamp. They are also available with bayonet or screw caps for direct fitting into standard existing lampholders.

The improvements in electronics and the chemistry associated with the phosphor coatings within the tube means that they have an "instant" start, some of the lamps are dimmable with conventional dimmers and the colour temperature resembles that of ordinary tungsten lamps.

These lamps use approximatey 25% of the energy consumed by ordinary tungsten filament lamps for the same light output.

Because of the characteristics, fluorescent light has a diffuse, all round performance, lacking "sparkle". Therefore it cannot be used for spot or accent lighting. It is however, ideally suited for diffused light sources in applications such as table lamps, pendants, wall lights, ceilings lights.

 They currently account for about 13% of lamps sales in th U.K.

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