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What is a Tungsten Halogen lamp ?

This is a special type of "Tungsten Filament" lamp with a glass or quartz envelope containing a gaseous halogen, one of a group of chemical elements that combines with tungsten in certain conditions. The halogen has a re-cycling effect on the evaporation of the tungsten filament thus extending the life of the lamp   [SEE RATED LIFE].

These lamps are between 50% and 100% more efficient than the equivalent wattage of ordinary tungsten filament lamps and last between 2 times and 10 times longer depending on the type.  There are mains voltage and low voltage versions. The quality of light is crisper, and whiter than ordinary tungsten filament lamps.

They account for approximately 7% of lamp sales in the U.K.

Tungsten halogen lamps are dimmable.

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