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What is a Tungsten Filament lamp ?

This is familiar as the common domestic light bulb, so called because it contains a filament of the metal tungsten which has a very high melting point. It also sometimes referred to generically as an Incandescent lamp. The glass envelope [or bulb] enclosing the filament contains a low pressure inert gas [usually argon] or a vacuum.

The earliest lamp of this type was invented in 1879 and has not changed significantly since then.

95% of the electrical energy is generated into heat, 5% into light.

They currently account for 80% of lamp sales in the U.K.

It is the intention to phase out this type of lamp over a period of time because it is considered to be energy inefficient.*

Tungsten filament lamps are dimmable.

* For a detailed report on phasing out see our article  "Lights out - Ready or not !" in our NEWS section.

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